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Clean the intake and EGR valves without removal

Workshops know that time saving is an essential factor for cost reduction to have satisfied customers. To avoid long occupancy times in the workshop, mechanics want to keep repair times as short as possible and should try out new repair options. A lot of money can be saved if the right procedures and products are chosen when repairing certain components. Especially the repair of the intake manifold and EGR valve is often troublesome and time-consuming. But BIZOL offers two high-quality sprays for this application:
Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 and Gasoline Intake Clean+ c36 to simply and quickly clean the intake manifold and free the EGR valve from contamination.

Why does the EGR valve get dirty?

The EGR valve returns exhaust gas that has already been burned to the combustion chamber, where it burns again and lowers the temperature of the combustion process. This process reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. However, the soot particles contained in the exhaust gases do not only contaminate the EGR valve, but also the intake manifold.

Soot deposits obstruct the air supply

The intake system, exhaust gas recirculation valve and turbocharger in both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles become dirty over time. Impurities from the fuel form deposits and cause malfunctions. This is because the air supply to the engine is a complex process in modern engines, and the precisely coordinated mixing ratio between fuel and air becomes unbalanced, generating increased fuel consumption. And this raises operating costs and the service life of the engine shortens.

Saving time with cleaning sprays

Repairing these components is often complicated and time-consuming, and replacing them usually costs a lot of time and also pollutes the environment. The specially developed sprays BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 and Gasoline Intake Clean+ c36 with a highly concentrated active ingredient clean the contaminated components even when they are installed.

Improved engine performance and reduced fuel consumption

To do this, simply spray the product into the engine’s air intake or intake duct with the help of the convenient 360-degree spray head. There, the active ingredient cleans the air intake system up to the exhaust gas recirculation valve with all its components. After cleaning, you will notice an improved engine performance, reduced fuel consumption and emissions almost immediately.

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